Flip Flop’s symbol is a frog. The frog symbol allows them to win large sums of money. The touch screen of this slot machine has five reels and nine lines. The jackpot is won if you land five of these frog icons in a straight line. This must be on your first line. This video slot machine game promises big payouts. It can pay as high as 500,000 dollars. Of course, this depends on how much you wager.

Forty-five coins are the maximum amount you can wager on this type of slot machine game. To increase your chances of winning the jackpot prize of 125,000 coins, you can wager twice as much on this slot machine game. If you win the jackpot, you can win 500,000 coins by playing this game version with 180 coins. These are the most sought-after versions of the game, and they offer the best chance to win. Although you can wager 300 coins on this rare machine, the top prize is guaranteed to be only 20,000. Each bet increases the bonus slowly. Flip Flop is a progressive slot machine with a progressive jackpot. You will win more if you have all of your frogs on your screen.

This machine has a viral bonus game. The bonus game on this machine is activated when three to five frogs appear on the screen. Once the bonus game is activated, you’ll see lily pads that your frogs may jump to. The bonus game ends if your frog falls on or misses the place. Multipliers and coin denominations can increase your chances of landing on the cushions. This can increase your chances of winning.

Flip Flop offers many bonus games. They can also obtain bonus games by seeing certain symbols, such as turtles or fireflies. These symbols must be in pairs. The bonus symbol is the third icon on the same row. These bonus games may offer additional coins, and the winning mechanics can often be the same as the original frog bonus. To find the prize, you must open the lily pads.

Beez Kneez Slots

You won’t find these fuzzy creatures in casinos, but that shouldn’t stop you from spinning the reels of this popular online slot game!

The screen is bright and sunny, with blue skies and bees buzzing to create an attractive backdrop.

Is Beez Kneez as good as honey, or is there a sting to this casino game? Take a look at the details.

Send the Bees Spinning

This twist on the classic slot game features a bees-themed spinner with five reels and a combination of characters flying around the screen.

The game is set in the giant beehive, with a backdrop of a beautiful summer day. You’ll see a wide variety of friendly honey-makers, including those in different positions. Also, there are mushrooms, flowers, apples, and caterpillars. There are also butterflies, beehives, and dragonflies.

You can win 5,000 credits if you’re lucky by lining up five dancing bees. You can double your money by adding the purple cocoon as a wild card.

Bees, As Far As The Vision Can See

You’d expect a lot of features in a modern slot game.

Worker Bee Prize Pick: Spin three little worker bees to earn the prize. You will be carried to a side screen with pink flowers worth 100 times your stake. You can collect the same amount of symbols that you spun.

You’ll get free spins if you see at least three cocoons while spinning. You’ll receive 15 free spins for three cocoons. For four cocoons, you’ll receive 20 free spins. And for five cocoons, you’ll earn 25 free spins. This should give you enough excitement to make your heart flutter!

Gamble allows you to win even more every time you win. You can win up to 3,200,000 coins by playing for double or nothing. Beware, though; you may also lose it all! This is for people who are inclined to take risks.

You can select the Autoplay option to play up to 10 games. This feature allows you to sit back, relax and watch your winnings roll in, hopefully.

Maximum Bet or Minimum Bet

Beez Knees offers the opportunity to play up to 25 pay lines simultaneously and a maximum of 30 credits per payline if you want to go all out.

The game is flexible; you can select the number of lines to play or reduce the credit per line.

Industry Experts

Eyecon is the company behind Beez Kneez, one of the oldest players in the business.

Eyecon, based in Australia, has been developing games since 1997. They have received approval from five different operating jurisdictions in the world.

All their games, including Beez Kneez, have been designed to be as close to real-life casino experiences as possible, with rich graphics and smooth gameplay.

Cutesy Fun

Beez Kneez is a game with a kitsch feel. Some bees beam and caterpillars everywhere you look. Eyecon’s experience backs up the game and has vibrant colors with rich detail. You won’t be in a situation to oppose its happy vibe.

The information and layout are simple and easy to understand. There are many methods to win, and the chance to multiply your winnings is excellent.

This casino slot is as sweet as honey, with smooth gameplay. This online slot game is excellent for both beginners and high rollers.